Critical Issues in Sustainable Food Production Syllabus

IMG_33401-300x225Together we will take a journey into the heart of the food-production process and its social, economic and environmental consequences. We will explore the moral, economic and physical landscape of our eating habits, food fads, taboos, and health and nutrition issues.  We will analyze and translate readings and multimedia (movies, video and audio) into short essays, presentations and research projects that offer insightful arguments relevant to agroecology.  Further, we will investigate our attitudes regarding current events and critical issues that affect day-to-day operations in the culinary industry:  food production, sustainability, corporate greed, and farm-to-table solutions, for example.  Above all, we will engage in thoughtful, lively discussions, ever-refining and defining our knowledge and opinions.

Syllabus: Critical Issues in Sustainable Food Production Syllabus_DECT3200_Darryl Benjamin_FINAL