“Darryl is a very talented fiction writer. I admire Darryl’s original, surprising metaphors; his characters’ voices, the startling swerves of plot; and the way comedy often rubs shoulders with tragedy in his work. More importantly, I am impressed with how hard Darryl is willing to work on his craft. He constantly pushes himself to higher and higher levels of achievement.”

David Jauss, Author of Glossolalia

“Darryl’s stories are funny and sad; they reminded me of the early work of Malamud and Phillip Roth. They explore a kind of middle-aged male angst in a manner I found compelling and complex. Darryl is adept at creating characters we can love and hate at the same time, and placing them in situations, most often of their own making, from which they extricate themselves, or fail to extricate themselves, with great difficulty.”

François Camoin, Author of Like Love, But Not Exactly


Relativity: Short Stories by Darryl Benjamin [Kindle Edition]:


14 Short Stories by Darryl Benjamin:

  1. Relativity
  2. Murphy’s Load
  3. Death of a Foodie
  4. The Mighty Fishermen
  5. In the Woods without an iAnything
  6. Dizzy from the Turns
  7. The Artivist
  8. The King of PR
  9. Greatgrandpa
  10. Rules of Engagement
  11. Purple Heart
  12. Confetti
  13. Dregs
  14. Martha